The categories of online casino players are many and generally refer to favorite games, sports betting, slots, roulette, blackjack or online poker, all define the type of player, however, there are two major categories that tell us exactly about the bank your roll and style of play . Whatever game you choose, you can do it in two highroller styles, in high style or on a budget. Do you have any idea what kind of player you would be?

A highroller is the player who bets huge sums, who takes a huge risk for an equally big win, all or nothing. But there is also the type of prudent player who avoids the risks with low bets, but the potential result here is just as small. The second category also includes casual players, who prefer this mode of entertainment, with the little hope that maybe one day… We will explain each category in turn and we hope that we will help you discover the style of play that suits you best.

What benefits do you get if you are a highroller?

If we are talking about the luxury casinos in Las Vegas, Macao, Monte Carlo and even about the cruise ship casinos, in short, you are a VIP . You are invited to free tours or cruises, you travel for free by plane to the first class, you receive free Spa and who at the best restaurants, you have your personal concierge who schedules your free time with free tickets to the most prestigious shows, reservations at the best restaurants, at the best meals, he sends you expensive champagne, caviar and strawberries and at 3 in the morning, if you have such desires, in other words, you have the magic lamp several times a month, or it depends on how active you.

What does it involve? Bets on rolls of money that you are ashamed to say. Yes, we are talking about hundreds of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, so to get a highroller at such casinos, if you were not born super rich, you can start with your home mortgage. Of course we are also joking how Las Vegas and Monaco are a bit far for us, we will check what highroller also means at online casinos , an environment that is as accessible as possible for us.

Online casinos take care of their loyal users and here we are talking strictly about hightroller. Almost every operator has on its platform the VIP Club or the Players’ Club, as we meet at NetBet casino , for example, which generally have several levels of past. The more you bet, the faster you get to the top. What does the online casino offer you? It depends, it can be from free tickets to tournaments, cash prizes, free trips to Las Vegas with pocket money, a refund policy , whatever is possible but it depends on the operator.